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Blue Voyage


The Blue Voyage is a sailing / motoring cruise on any stretch of the cleanest waters in the world between Bodrum to Antalya, where deep blue mingles with the green of the evergreen forest covered coastline. 

Our Fleet


We will offer the holiday pleasure of the journey, and blue check my boats.


Salih is the captain of the yacht.  He went to school to learn tourism and thought that being a captain of a yacht would be appropriate  job to do.

He started as a member of a ship crew in 1983 till 1987, than he worked as captain or assistant-captain till 1998. And than in  1998 Salih and his friend decided to build his own ship with the name of "Alper 98".

Salih is a nice person and professional in his work. The most important for him is his boat and  the comfort and safety of the people, that's what he cares for. He is married and has a son and a daughter.  The yacht was named after his son ALPER.

He can speak English very well.  He has some difficulties to hear, so he has an ear-aid which helps him hearing better.


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